To add a new Activity to your site, the first thing you'll want to do is click "Activities" in the Admin Menu. This will show you a list of all Activities you've previously added to your site - simply click "Add New" to create another one.

Adding Content

Give the Activity a descriptive title in the first text field - this is the main headline people will see on your site for this Activity.

Next up is the main body of your post - there is a big open area where you can write out anything you want to say about this Activity - how to get there, why it's going to be awesome or maybe what people should bring. You can write two sentences or 20 paragraphs. You should find the Editor easy-to-use and familiar, but if you need some help or want a peek at a few of the features, check out Using the Content Editor for more details.

You can also use the "Upload/Insert" button above the editor to add images to your content or Create Photo Galleries. To add even more flair to your Activity, you can also embed content from other sites and services - check out our article on Embedding Content From Other Sites to learn more.

Activity Location

You'll want to add a location so people know where to go. Just start typing the name of a location and select the venue when it appears. The map and address should update on their own and you're all set! For more details, check out Add a Location to Your Activity.

Activity Information

All Activities need at least four bits of information to be really useful to attendees: a name, a date, a start time and an end time. This way, we can show a summary like "Awesome Game Watch Party on November 12th from 2-5pm." You may also want to provide some details about admission costs or keep some attendance data for your own records - for details on all of these fields, check out Add Activity Information.

Final Steps

A few other steps to consider before publishing your Activity are covered in other articles:

Publishing Your Activity

When you're ready to post your Activity, you have a couple of options in the "Publish" section that affect who can see this Activity and where they can see it:

  • Status: Draft posts are not visible on your site and are great for working on Activities for the future. Clicking the "Publish" button will switch a post from "Draft" to "Published," so make sure to click the "Save Draft" button until it's ready for prime time.
  • Visibility: By default, all content is "public," but you can also choose to have Activities that are only visible to people who can log into your site ("Private") or to add a password to any part of the site ("Password Protected") if you want to restrict access without making people create an account.
  • Publish: You may publish content immediately or set a date anytime in the future to schedule when it will appear on your site.

Here, you'll also see a "Preview" button where you can see what your Activity will look like on your site before you publish it.

Finally, click "Publish" after making any changes to your Activity and you will see them on your site immediately.

All together, it will look a little something like this:

Here is a video that shows you how to add an Activity:

Create and Share an Activity from Alumni Spaces on Vimeo.

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