Each Page on your site can be edited to reflect the content you want on it (with the exception of the homepage). For most of the preloaded Pages on your website (About, Contact, Events and News), the section near the top is editable. For example on Events, you can edit content and have it appear above the list of Events.

You can also add as many new Pages as you'd like, and it is just like adding a News Update or Activity. Just go to the Pages section, click "Add New" and add content and a title like this:

You can also add downloadable documents or enable Alumni.Fund for this new Page.

If you would like this Page to be under another, just select the Parent in the "Page Settings" section and you'll see it appear under the Parent like this:

Adding to the Navigation Menu

An important thing to note is that creating a Page does not automatically add it to your site's navigation menu. To have this new Page appear in the Navigation Menu, just add add it to the Menu in the Appearance section of the admin site. You can read more about Adding Links To Your Site's Navigation Menu.

Here is a video to show you how to add a new Page to your website:

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