Creating a payment page for any Activity, Event or Page takes just a quick click. When editing your content, you'll see an "Enable Alumni.Fund" checkbox below the editor - check it, add a custom header for your payment page, update the post and you're all set. Check it out:

You'll notice that we automatically generate a short link for you to use, but you can customize this by just clicking the edit icon next to the Alumni.Fund URL. So if I want to make a page to sell tickets to our Annual Scholarship Fundraiser, I just check the box and add my custom header text, then I might change the URL from /2d to /scholarship2016. And voila, this beautiful page is created for me almost instantly:

Our standard is to present options for $5, $10, $15, $20, $25 and a custom amount. But! If you'd like to customize the options you present, just click the tab for Payment Values and customize away. Here's an example of how to change the values you see present on the giving page:

You'll notice that the very first question we ask is whether or not this Alumni.Fund page you are creating is to be used for memberships. This is because with some networks membership levels are defined by the home office, while others allow for membership levels to be set by the local group.

If you'd like to add additional payment values, just click the "add more" button. If you'd like to delete one that you've already added, click the red minus sign to the value you'd like to delete. Similarly, if you'd like to remove the custom value field, uncheck the box for "add a spot for people to contribute any amount".

With the custom fields we added in the above example, the payment page would look similar to this:

In addition to custom payment values, you also have the ability to add custom fields for your alumni to fill out after they've selected the payment of their choice. Often times alumni clubs and groups use these custom fields for things like t-shirt sizes, member ID numbers, etc. To do so, I just need to click on the Custom Fields tab and add up to three custom fields to my Alumni.Fund page. I'd like to add a t-shirt size, graduation year and newsletter subscription option to my payment flow. Below is how I do so: 

By adding these custom fields, after a donor has selected their payment option, they'll see a screen that looked similar to this:

Lastly, you have the option for one final option in the "bonus options" tab inside your Alumni.Fund creator. By default we select to have a link to your payments page included in the Activity, News Update or Page that you are creating the Alumni.Fund page within. If you'd like to remove that, just uncheck the box. 

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