The site theme Columbia was the very first design that Alumni Spaces ever released, back in 2011. Columbia was built with the core needs of alumni groups anywhere in mind. Here are a few core features of the site:

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events make up a core feature of the Columbia theme, being featured not only on the homepage on the right hand side, but also on sub-pages of the site along the right hand side:

Events Page

The Events page of the Columbia theme features all of the events you've created on your Alumni Spaces site inside of two different sections, stacked on top of one another: Upcoming and Recent. Events will automatically move between the two sections, and at the Upcoming section features events in reverse chronological order, meaning the next event will always appear at the top, while the Recent section displays events in standard chronological order:

Standard Offerings

In addition, the Columbia Theme comes with all standard Alumni Spaces theme offerings - News Updates, Alumni.Fund, additional page support, all available Widgets and Custom Links.


One key difference between the Columbia theme and all other available Alumni Spaces themes is that it is not responsive, meaning that on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, it will not change in appearance to meet the smaller screen size. That said, Columbia is still viewable on mobile devices, it just doesn't adjust as much as say the Aspen or Springfield themes do.

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