Note: UNC-GAA users are not able to toggle the theme on their provided site. 

You have the ability to change the look of your site by selecting from different theme options. When you change the look of your site, all of the content that you've entered will remain - sometimes it might show up in a different place, or look a bit different, but no content on your site will ever be deleted or modified by your choice in theme. In addition, you can change your theme as often as you want, so feel free to experiment with different choices and then change back if you don't like it.

To select a new theme, click on the Appearance menu button on the left hand side navigation. You'll be presented with a selection window titled Themes, which will look similar to this:

You will see all available themes for your site. The theme you are currently using will have a small black rectangle on the bottom of it that says Active: "City Name."

To select a new theme, hover over the theme you'd like and click the Activate button. The change will be immediate - take a look at your website and determine if you like the change or if you'd prefer something different.

Available Themes:

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