You are able to feature important News Updates and Activities on your website Homepage (large scrolling slider images). After you've selected which News Update or Activity to feature, you'll need to set a Featured Image to appear in that homepage slider. 

Start, by preparing the image. The ideal image size of our Feature Slider is at least 1200 pixels wide and 600px tall. A photo taken on an iPhone 5 is 3,264 px by 2,448 px, so you don't need a fancy professional camera to get a good photo.

If you need them, you can find instructions here on how to properly size and crop images. After you've prepared the image, click the "Set Featured Image" button that appears in the News Update or Activity you're featuring.

Next, either select the image from your Media Library (if you have previously uploaded the image you'd like to feature) or upload the image from your computer. Next, click the "Set Featured Image" button. 

You'll see a small preview of the image you've selected, and you're ready to go with your Featured Activity or News Update! 

This video will show you how to set a Featured Image:

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