The Content Editor is where you create most content for every News Update, Activity or Page on your site. It's pretty straight forward and will feel familiar to other writing tools you've used like Microsoft Word.

When you are editing a post, you will see this Editor:

The Editor allows you to write with a variety of formatting options that don't require the use of HTML code. Many of these options are apparent from the start, but others not. For example, you may recognize the button for bolding text (the capital B in the top left hand corner) or the button to italicize text (the italicized I). You may occasionally come across additional buttons you aren't familiar with. Here's a guide to the Editor buttons.

For more advanced options, you can click the "Toolbar Toggle" button on the far right which will open up a new row of options for text formatting, special characters and indent alignment.


You don't need to know HTML code for your site to look good. However, if you would like to embed content from another site or if you are familiar with HTML and want to customize the code, you can do so.

If you need to embed code from another site, first take a look at How-To Add Content from other Sites. Featuring YouTube videos, Instagram photos, etc. is as simple as adding a link, so you might not even need to look at any HTML.

But if you are familiar with HTML and want to add some markup to your post, you just need to click the "Text" tab in the top right corner of the Editor:

This will change the appearance of the Editor and show you the HTML code of your content.  If you make edits to this code, make sure you update your post before clicking back to the Visual tab of the editor. Toggling back and forth without saving could result in some of your HTML changes being lost.

Final note about HTML: if you paste an <iframe> from another site (like Google Maps) and your code is not saved, please let us know - some iframes take a little extra TLC to add to the editor.

Here is a video that shows you how to format the text of your Activity or News Update:

Here is a video that shows you how to add Media to your website:

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