News Updates are a convenient way to keep alumni updated on things happening in your community and back on campus. To create a new News Update, click on the News Updates button on the Site Admin Menu. You'll be directed to the News Updates page which will look similar to this:

From here, you can see all of your News Updates.You can sort the posts alphabetically or chronologically by clicking "Title" or "Date" as they appear at the top of the list. You can see general information about each update from this view as well: categories, when last edits were saved, how many comments have been made and whether or not the News Update is a draft. Any News Update that you're still working with will have a small “-draft” listed to the right side of the News Update title. Here's an example:

Writing the News Update

Once you're ready to write a News Update, click on “Add New” underneath the newly opened News Updates menu on the Site Admin Menu. This will present you with the next screen:

You will first want to give the News Update a title. You can do this in the first text field directly under where it says “Add News Update.” The next field after the title is where you'll add copy/images/documents, etc. for the update. Read more about How-To Use the Content Editor

Adding Media

Along with text, you can add images, photo galleries, video, audio or downloadable objects directly into your News Update. Directly above the Text Editor above where you’ve been writing the copy, you’ll see two different icons: one for images/videos/media and one for downloads. If you click on the Media icon, you’ll be presented with a pop up box allowing you to select which file to upload. After you’ve uploaded the file, you’ll have a variety of formatting options presented. Read more on How-To Add a Photo Gallery.

Featured News Updates

On the Homepage you’ll notice images that scroll through a series of Featured News Updates and/or Featured Activities. Only five News Updates or Activities can be Featured at a time. Read more on How-To Feature a News Update.


Although it's not necessary to add Categories to your post, they help keep your information organized in the future and help your users see related News Updates by clicking the category on the bottom of the post. When you start using your website, you'll notice that the categories only have two fields - Featured and Uncategorized. We leave this field blank so that you can create the Categories that are most applicable to your group. To add a new Category, click the + Add New Category link on the bottom of the Categories box, type in the name of the Category in the text field and determine if you would like this Category to be a Subcategory of one existing already or a new Parent Category. You can select the Category relationship by clicking the arrows for the dropdown menu directly below the text field for the Category name. Select any Category names that you deem appropriate.

Publishing Your News Update

You have a couple of options in the Publish module. You can see the current status of the article (either Publish or Saved as Draft), whether or not the post is currently visible and when the News Update was published. Additionally, if you would like to see what your post will look like before publishing it, you can click the "Preview" button in the top right corner and you'll be directed to a page showing what your current post will look like. Lastly, you can select whether or not to publish the News Update or save the post as a draft for future publication. When you click publish, your News Update will become live on your website immediately. If you're editing a post, you'll notice an Update button. The Update button must be selected after making edits to an article for the changes to take effect.

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