The Documents tool allows you to centralize meeting minutes, registration documents or other important files you need to share with your members.

You can upload files to any Page, News Update or Activity by clicking on the post/page you would like to edit and then scrolling to the Documents module and adding a Label.

Start by adding a title in the Label field. Next, click the "Upload New File" button and locate the file on your computer or in one of the services available to connect. You can drag a file from your desktop or import one from Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook or about a dozen other sources.

Once you’ve located the file, you’ll be back on the post/page editor. If you would like to add a second file to the post/page, click the plus sign that appears in the bottom right of the module. Once you click the plus sign, you’ll have a new uploader section.

When you’re finished uploading documents, just click "Update" or "Publish" and you’re set.

A Quick Note About Security

For security purposes, we only allow files with the following extensions to be uploaded:

  • pdf
  • doc
  • rtf
  • xls
  • ppt
  • zip
  • docx
  • xlsx
  • pptx
  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • png
  • gif
  • mp3
  • mov
  • avi
  • wmv
  • midi
  • mid

This covers most every type of Microsoft Office file as well as most common media formats, but if you feel we should support a particular filetype, please contact us and we will consider including it.

Finally, using the Downloads feature of an Alumni Spaces site to distribute copyrighted or illegal content violates the Terms of Service for your site and may result in suspension of service or termination of contract. Please review the initial Service Agreement for full description of banned and restricted content.

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