The Advertising section of your homepage is where you can show some of the sponsors of your group, or anyone else who you would like to show a little love. You can name this section on your website whatever you want by entering a title in the text field that appears next to the title "Ad Section Header."

To add Advertising blocks to your site, navigate to Site Settings and click on the Advertising tab:

After you're in the Advertising section, click the "Upload Sponsor Image" to select what image you want to appear. Locate the image on your computer and upload it. Ideally, ensure that the image is square and no larger than 300 pixels tall by 300 pixels wide. Next, add a URL to link to when someone clicks on the logo. Last, check the box to "Open in a New Window" if you would like to have the site link appear in a new window when a user clicks on it.

Once you’re finished making changes to your Advertising section, be sure to click the "Update Settings" button on the bottom of the Site Settings page you are on.

Here is an example of what two Advertising blocks look like:

For more information on various places on the site you can place Advertising blocks, read Sponsors Widget.

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