If your group manages a local email newsletter list, embedding a sign up form on your site makes it super easy for visitors to join your mailing list. All of the major email newsletter providers make it very easy to embed signup forms. I you are looking for an email service, we highly recommend MailChimp as an easy-to-use, affordable and popular option.

Yes, it involves code

Each service will provide a snippet of code for you to paste into your site. Many provide an option for "naked," "plain," or "without Javascript" code - this is an unstyled and bare looking version of the form. We recommend using this to avoid conflicts with the styles on your site, though any code should function just fine. If you ever need help getting it to look just right, let us know and we'll fix it up for you.

How to get the code

Each email provider has detailed instructions for getting embed codes:

What to do with that code

Now that you have the code that will make the form, you just need to add it to your site and you're all set. You could add this to a specific Page, News Update or Activity (for a Scholarship announcement list for example) using the Text tab in the Content Editor.

More commonly, you'll want this Newsletter Signup Form to appear on every page, so we suggest putting it in a footer widget.

To add to your footer, just add a new Text widget in the Appearance > Widgets menu, paste in your code and click "Save."

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