Activities are a bit more advanced that News Updates - you'll need to tell people when and where your Activity is being held and you might want to track some other information for future reference.

Activity Information

When you're editing an Activity, you'll notice a box below the content editor where you can provide core information about your Activity.

This will show up on your website as a formatted event summary. It might look a bit different on your site, depending on your school colors and your site's theme, but it will have all the information someone needs to come to your Activity.

Basic Information

Adding the basic info is really easy - just add a name for your Event (if you don't specify one, we'll use the title of the Activity instead), the date and start/end times. When picking a date or a time, you'll see a handy interface popup where you can select the right value - this helps us keep everything formatted consistently.

You'll notice that your Activities show up on your Homepage under "Recent" or "Upcoming" columns. Once your event date occurs, your Activity will automatically move from "Upcoming" to "Recent."

Location Information

To start searching for a known venue, start typing the name of the venue in Location Name. A list will appear below the text field. Select the location and the address will automatically populate, along with a marker on the map.

To enter a location address manually, type in the full address - as you would see on Google Maps or on a postcard (e.g. 181 York Street, Brooklyn NY 11201) and click the Find Address button.

More on How-To Add a Location to Your Activity.

If you are seeing venues for somewhere other than your group location (e.g. you are based in Oakland but see venues for LA), let us know and we will update your group's location to make sure it's accurate.

Attendance Information

The Attendance section allows you to add in tickets for your activities. If you are selling tickets via an Eventbrite account, you will need to put ticket information here.

"Who can come" lets you tell people if this event is open to the public or limited to your members.

After the Activity

For some groups who are a part of a Symphony network, these fields may be important for reporting to your national association. For other groups, keeping track of your activity attendance, funds raised, etc. is a good way to measure success over time and leave a record of this Activity for future leaders of your group.

None of the "After Activity" information is shown publicly on your site. It is only visible to members of your group who can log into your Alumni Spaces site.

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