Note: This article only applies to groups that are part of a Symphony network, like the University of Missouri or University of North Carolina. If you are not part of a Symphony network, but would like to introduce your association to Alumni Spaces, please reach out to Nick Trusty at

If your group is part of a Symphony network that has a recognition program (e.g. Columns for MAA and Old Well for UNC GAA), your activities automatically go towards your different levels of recognition using the Activity Type module on your Activity Editor, which looks similar to this:

Check off the type of activity you're adding and select Update/Publish. There is a link at the top where you can see each Activity Type definition to help you pick which category to select.

You'll notice that when you come back to the activity, the small box that says whether or not it has been approved may be checked - if it is, this means that your national association liaison has approved the activity. If they have not yet checked the box, it will remain unchecked until they do.

Here is a video that shows you how to add an Activity and have it be considered for group recognition. The video uses Carolina clubs as an example:

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