You can login to your chapter’s website from the Alumni Spaces website by clicking "Sign In," which will bring you to the client login screen. If your group is part of a Symphony network (like UNC, Mizzou, or Oklahoma), then you will need to go to your network's login page.

No matter what kind of group you have or what school it is associated with, you can always log into your site directly by simply adding /login to the URL. For example, if your site is at, just go to

No matter where you sign in, you'll see a screen with a cool background image and a few login options like this one:

Depending on when your group was created, you might see only the Social Login options or you might not see them at all. We're working to move all users over to Social Login, but some users still have usernames and passwords. To login, just enter your username and password or click one of the social networks you've previously connected to your account.

If you don't recall what network you logged in with or you arent sure which login method you should be using, please let us know at and we're happy to help!

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