We know, the phrase "DNS Nameserver Setting" sounds complex and technical. In reality, it's not that complex and with a very brief introduction into what it means, and how to change it, you should be just fine. It's painless, we promise.

What is the DNS Nameserver?

Every time someone visits your website's URL (like myawesomeclub.com) there is a setting which tells the URL where to find the information it needs to display. This setting is called the DNS Nameserver, and it can be found on the site where your URL is registered, called the domain registrar. For more info on buying a URL and choosing a registrar, check out the Buying A New URL article.

Before you begin...

Most groups we work with use their URL as their custom web address and don't have email associated with it (for example john@myawesomeclub.com). However if you do use a custom domain email address please do not continue with this article and email support@alumnispaces.com and include:

  • What service you use for managing your custom email (Google Apps, Outlook, Fastmail, etc)
  • Your existing MX records (if you know them - otherwise, we can walk you through how to find them)

Locating Your URL's Settings Panel:

Every URL has a space where you can adjust the name servers. The first step is logging into your URL's registrar. If you don't know where your URL is currently registered you can check WhoIs.net for the public profile of the URL. Knowing who is listed as the website contact can sometimes help jog the memory of whoever in your group initially registered the URL. Usually from within whois.net you also have the ability to email the current site contact if you are really stuck on who has the login information for where your URL is registered.

Some frequent sites where URLs are registered are GoDaddy, Hover, MyDomain, NameCheap or Register. If you haven't registered a URL yet - and you don't have to, you can always use your groupname.alumnispaces.com URL. Here is a short listing of some of frequently used registrars guides on how to locate the DNS Setting:

  • Hover - click "Edit" next to Nameservers on the Domain Details tab of your domain
  • GoDaddy - click the link for "Setting Nameservers for a domain name registered with us"
  • Register
  • MyDomain - click the link to "What is DNS management..." You'll be changing the NS record

Entering in the Alumni Spaces Server Address

Once you're inside your the registrar of your site and inside the area where you can adjust the DNS setting you'll usually see four lines titled NS1, NS2, NS3, NS4. You will want to enter the following items for these:


After you have changed your DNS settings be sure to notify our team of the change and your new URL so we can make the final change on our end to ensure your site shows up. You can click the ? button in the lower right corner of your site's admin or email us at support@alumnispaces.com.

After that...

Sit Back and Relax

Your changes can take up to 24 hours to truly take effect. Some people will see the new URL within 20 minutes, but others take a full day because of the way the internet works with domain records.

Once it's all updated, you'll be able to go straight to your URL and see your Alumni Spaces site.

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