Receipt Options

While there is default text applied to all transaction receipts on your Symphony network, if you wish to add some additional text you can do so in the Receipt Options section of the Alumni.Fund Options. Just click into the Editor and add the text or imagery you'd like to have appear at the end of the standard text sent for receipts.

In addition, in the Receipt Options section you can add additional email addresses to receive copies of all receipts sent inside the Alumni Spaces system. If you'd like to add more than one, click the add more button. If you would like to delete any, just click the red minus button that will appear on the right after you've added more than one. 

If you would like for Alumni Spaces to send NO receipts for transactions happening on Alumni.Fund, check the box next to "Do not send receipts". 

As always, be sure to click Save Settings at the bottom when you're finished editing. 

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