In the Alumni.Fund Options panel for Network Commanders, at the very bottom is the Accounts panel. In this panel you can designate multiple accounts where Alumni.Fund funds will eventually be transferred. At this time, this can only be done on the national level - with the same accounts available to all clubs. 

To start, add a descriptive label in the Account Label text field. Then, add the account number in the Account Number field. If you'd like to add another option, click the add more button. If you'd like to remove an option, click the red subtraction symbol that appears all the way to the right when you have more than one option available. 

Lastly, decide whether or not you would like the various options you've created to appear as an option to the club leaders when they're creating their Alumni.Fund page.  

This feature is still in development, so if you need to have the function for clubs to be collect funds for their own individual bank accounts, or if you have a different routing number for the various account numbers, please be sure to let your partnership manager (Rachel or Nick) know. 

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