When your group uses Alumni.Fund, it's super easy to collect money from your members for tickets, merchandise or donations. We also make it really easy to get that money into your own accounts soon after it's been processed.

Go to Site Settings and click on the Alumni.Fund tab to specify how you would like your group to receive transfers. We currently offer PayPal or checking accounts as payment options.

We transfer funds collected on the 1st and the 15th of each month, though because of the delay in some credit card clearing times, some funds might take a few extra days to be made available. Whenever we send you a transfer, you'll also receive a spreadsheet of which transactions the transfer is for, who paid you, when and how.

If you opt to receive transfers to your checking account, the funds will appear 2-4 days after we've done the transfer due to ACH processing time. PayPal funds are usually visible same-day.

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