What is Alumni.Fund?

Alumni.Fund is a feature available to all OU clubs that allows for you to process payments via Venmo, PayPal and traditional credit cards, with the funds transferred directly to your foundation account. One of the most common uses for Alumni.Fund with OU clubs is to raise money for their local scholarship. This is a quick tutorial on how to create an Alumni.Fund page for just that. 

Create a Scholarship Page

Each Alumni.Fund page is tied to a specific Activity, News Update or Page. Since the scholarship is a single cause not tied to a specific activity, we'd suggest creating a page for it. Do this by creating a new page, and title it whatever you'd like. You don't necessarily need to have this page appear on your site (though, why not!) but you will need to have it published before you can create your Alumni.Fund page. If after you've published your page you'd like to have it not appear on your site just go to the Menus section in the Appearance menu and remove it from your navigation menu. You can read more about that here

Create Your Alumni.Fund Page

At the bottom of your new page is a small section for Alumni.Fund. Click to enable Alumni.Fund. After you've enabled it, give it a header name, such as "2017 NYC Scholarship Fund". You can choose to use the URL assigned, but if you would like create a custom one by clicking the pencil icon and assigning it. For example, if you're from the NY club, you could assign "ounycfund". Anytime someone visits that URL - http://alumni.fund/OUNYCFund they'll arrive on this payment page, and can make donations for you. 

From here forward, you're ready to go. But, if you'd like to use some of the additional Alumni.Fund options, such as custom payment values, custom fields, etc. please do feel free. You can read more about each of these in the full article we have available here.

Use It

Next time the Sooners line up for a new important drive, stand on your chair and tell your alumni at the watch party to give $5 or more if the Sooner score. Give them the URL you've created next time there is a networking event. Folks want to give back, you just need to make it easy for them to do so! 

Boomer Sooner! 

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